Moving is Never Easy…

I knew years ago that Xanga was a gamble to keep blogging on when blogging took its nosedive and Blogger and WordPress emerged. Either of them were a solid choice, but I was being stubborn since I’ve been on Xanga since my high school days (Sept 20, 2003 was my first post) and far before either ever became popular. Consistency, right? Well, Xanga has converted to Xanga 2.0 and though I could keep blogging there, it’s going to be a while for them to get it up and running and I could sign-up for Premium (only $48 for a year), but I figure I’ll start migrating myself somewhere else.

At first, I thought my posts were lost to time because I couldn’t figure out how to get my XML files that Xanga (thank goodness!) very graciously had made available to me. (I was completely oblivious to the future Xanga change…Way to be observant me!) Blogger wouldn’t accept them and I couldn’t get WordPress to accept them either. Turns out, I was doing it correctly on WordPtress, but I just had to hit the account I wanted to use and I figured it was “optional” as I only had one account. Apparently not! After some research, I tried again and I got them to upload! Yay! I have ALL my old blog posts (and pictures) here! Technology…How I love thee. I wasn’t so sad to lose the past 9 years of blogs, but I was sad to lose 2013’s posts. I can’t say it enough. I’m very thankful Xanga exported all my files for me and WordPress is so accommodating. I do still miss my Xanga site and feel bad I wasn’t able to give a “I’m moving!” post, but I was totally oblivious to the whole situation! Perhaps one day I’ll do the Premium account just to support it. It is my childhood!

With that said, I’m still undecided which platform I want to use. I’ve got the blog here and also the blog at Blogger ( At this point, I’ll be using Blogger because I like the customization it allows, but I like the ease-of-use wordpress provides and its transferability to more platforms and future endeavors (if those occur). We’ll see. I have a feeling I’ll just stick to Blogger since it’s all Google uniform (Google’s slowly taking over the digital world!).

I do have a major movie update I need to do and need to complete at least one “My Life…” post! I’ve started two of them and then I got busy and then the whole Xanga thing happened and I think I spent a good two weeks going, “What is going on?” before I decided to look into it. Movie update will happen first. I just need to get back into the idea of blogging. I’m a little sad, I suppose. Oh well. What are you going to do?


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